Where can I read the full rental terms?

Car rental conditions - See  ТУК

Where are the company offices located?

София жк. Зона Б5 блок 2

Sofia gh. Zone B5 block 2 The company's offices are open from 09:00 - 18:00 and 24/7 by phone

Is there an extra charge if the rental or return time is outside business hours?

No, there is no out-of-hours fee. Our company aims to be as flexible and fair to its customers as possible.

Do you offer delivery to a hotel/address?

Yes, as within Sofia it is completely free, outside the Sofia area by prior arrangement

Can the car be returned to an office other than the pick-up office?

Yes, we try to provide maximum comfort to our customers and offer the option for the customer to choose a pick-up location and a return location.

Is going abroad allowed? Which countries are allowed?

At the moment we do not offer this option - going abroad.

Is there a minimum age to rent a car?

The minimum age is 23 years, the driver must have a license for at least 3 years. Renters who do not meet these requirements pay a "Young driver" fee of BGN 15/day and a double deposit. Restrictions may apply.

Is there a limit on the kilometers that the rental car can cover?

There are no mileage restrictions on the rental car.

Is fuel payable or included in the price?

Автомобилът се предоставя с пълен резервоар и трябва да бъде върнат пъленThe vehicle is provided with a full tank and must be returned full. When returning with missing fuel, the customer pays for the missing fuel at a price of BGN 4.00 per liter of gasoline and 2.00 per liter of gas.

Do I need to make a prepayment to book a car online?

No prepayment is required for booking

Is the toll (vignette) included in the price?

The price includes road tax - vignette for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Can I drive with a foreign driver's license?

You can drive with a license issued in another country. The booklet must not be expired or expire during the rental period!

Are the cars adapted for winter conditions? Is it necessary to pay for winter equipment?

Yes, all cars are winterized and there is no need to pay

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